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Enhanced Listing
Companies are listed in this database in a way that only customers who buy access to this database will see full profiles and contact details of companies. But, if you subscribe for Enhanced Listing, your company page will become accessable for everyone to do business with you freely without buying database access. Enhanced Listing is only N35,000 or ($120) per year.

Premium Listing
In addition to the Enhanced Listing features, this Premium Listing will make your company noticed by everyone. You will stay on top of all listing pages & categories. Everyone will access your company and do business with you without any restriction. Premium Listing is only N90,000 ($300) per year.

Additional Benefits For Enhanced and Premium Listing
1. If you have a website, your website gets additional traffic as visitors navigate to your website.

2. Your company standouts and become easily noticed in the crowed of other companies.
3. Your company page becomes available as you attract everyones attention for more business.
4. Your company is shown on our sample profile pages which gives you more exposure.

5. You get more enquirers which result into more sales and more revenue for your company.

To Subscribe For Enhanced or Premium Listing, do the following:
1. Check if your company is already listed and upgrade it to enhanced or premium listing.
2. If your company is not already listed, then


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